Join us for our live demo of ADAS and safety critical technologies at CES 2023Know where you are, precisely and safely, with Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division at CES 2023

Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division is proud to deliver an innovative live demo featuring our high-precision positioning systems, global TerraStar Corrections Services and Murata's inertial measurement unit (IMU) within ZF Group's ProConnect high-performance connectivity platform. We will put these technologies to the test on the streets of Las Vegas during CES 2023.

Join us on our live demo of autonomous technology with fully reliable, robust and resilient sensor positioning systems during CES 2023. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience safe and reliable positioning for autonomy in real-time for V2X, ADAS, level 3-5 autonomous cars, rideshare services, drone and UAV deliveries.

See autonomous and safety-critical technology in action

To build the level of safety, accuracy and positioning reliability necessary for high-volume advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving features, the system must rely on satellite positioning, GNSS corrections and more. Built into an automotive ECU, high-precision positioning from Hexagon with Murata's IMU ensures safe and reliable functional safety with automotive-grade technologies.

Register to join our live demo, "Advanced positioning technology for autonomy," during CES 2023 by using the form below. Discover the most robust and safe precise positioning technology for automotive during CES.

Check out other exciting technologies integrated into our demo vehicle

In addition to our high-precision positioning solutions, our live demo features the ProConnect platform from ZF, bringing our technologies and sensors together in an automotive-grade module. ZF's ProConnect platform interfaces telematics and vehicle-specific software with the systems enabling autonomous operation. Learn more about Hexagon and ZF's partnership.

We are excited to showcase 4D RADAR sensors from smartmicro. They design and manufacture software defined, millimetre-wave 4D RADARs for automotive and traffic applications. DRVEGRD 152 is a forward-facing automotive RADAR providing a detection range of up to 180 metres and a wide field of view. DRVEGRD 169 is a corner RADAR enabling the development of autonomous applications. These sensors will be on display during the CES demo with Hexagon.

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Where: WP-5, West Hall parking, CES Tech East

When: January 5-8, throughout the day


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